Our technologies and innovations
Based on the secure Linux RedHat operating system, your server is supplied with a comprehensive suite of software installed (CPanel, Plesk, etc.), also custom software may be added for total flexibility. You benefit from our unique innovations in hosting technology. You get fully managed *NIX servers which give you all the benefits of a dedicated server, with the simplicity of shared hosting with our unique innovations in dedicated servers business. Manage your server using our web based control panel and let us take care of the technical side of things. Additional software may be installed and all configuration options set to your requirements. Any request solve friendly team which is always on hand to manage your machine, ensure it is running optimally, apply security patches and give informed advice and guidance when you need it. Huge stocks of spare hardware, an unrivalled SLA and total commitment to network redundancy assure the availability of your online presence.


Innovations we do
Since 1997 we invented more than 7 technologies and innovations which is used in our business.

  • Data backup manager
    With our managed backup solution, your critical data is securely backed up every night.
  • Data recovery manager
    Restoration in the event of accidental data loss or hardware failure is quick and hassle free using the data from Data backup manager.
  • DNS load balancer
    Load balancing solutions helps to redirect visitors from one machine to another the way to maintenance or failure.
  • Traffic manager
    With our traffic manager you control all inbound and outbound traffic of your machines and manage it.


If you have any queries or would like a quotation for a custom specification please do not hesitate to contact us.